The brokerage activity of the Repetto family starts in 1946, when the brothers Adriano and Giacinto, already from a wine-making family, moved from Genoa to Martina Franca in Puglia, in those years the main region for wine production.

In the market of that time, exclusively national, most of the sales were addressed by the regions of the south to the emerging wineries of northern Italy, and especially in Veneto a lot of companies showed a growing interest for the wines of Puglia.

In the ‘60s the Repetto Brothers began working with Bruno Anselmi, a broker based in San Bonifacio, to have a greater impact on the northern market.

The latter, in turn, was one of the first to begin the export of Italian wines in Germany at the beginning of the European common market.

In 1976 Carlo Repetto, after an apprenticeship with his father Adriano, reached Bruno Anselmi in Veneto to continue the family business with him.

From the fusion of these experiences, our agency has developed its own know-how. A working tradition that goes way back in time and continues with the presence in the working group of Corrado Carli, nephew of Bruno Anselmi, beside Carlo and Federico Repetto.

Our knowledge of the wine world, rooted in this field for generations, has allowed us to increase our client base both domestically and internationally, particularly in Germany, Spain, France, Eastern Europe. In recent years, we are directing our attention to Asia, a constantly growing market.

In Puglia and Sicily, wine-growing regions of extreme importance, we can count on qualified collaborators (oenologists) for a continuous presence in these markets and to better select, secure and control transacted wines.

In central and northern Italy we have developed over the years strong business relationships with social cellars and local producers, treating both bulk wines and musts and bottled wines, thus expanding our product range.

Abroad we serve important sparkling wine houses, bottlers and importers, providing a complete service from quality selection to purchase negotiation, transportation and quality control.

The continuous growth of our business is the result of a precise and efficient working method, aimed at ensuring the total satisfaction of our customers.