Prediction harvest ’16

Prediction harvest ’16

Every year Regione Veneto organize, in collaboration with Veneto Agriculture, AVEPA and CREA, a conference about the forecast for the incoming 2016 harvest in Veneto, Italy, France and Spain.

During this congress were made some conference calls with several people representatives of the main Italian wine regions, Spain and France.

Let make a short summary for every region of the forecasts for the harvest 2016 are as follows:

– Veneto: different situation depending on the provinces, but we can say that we will have a similar amount to last year.

Expected productions: 9608644 quintals white and 3019416 quintals of red grapes. This year will be very predisposed for the production of sparkling wines, diseases have disproportionately affected the red grapes, and this will cause the decrease of the production.

Reviewing the various Veneto regions:

TREVISO: + 7 % white grapes, and – 20 % red grapes

VENICE: + 3 % white grapes and – 20 % red grapes

ROVIGO: + 10/15 % white grapes and + 10/15 % red grapes

PADUA: Situation unchanged since last year

VERONA: Situation unchanged since last year (Garganega situation is different – 5/8%)

VICENZA: – 5 % white grapes and unchanged from last year red grapes

BELLUNO: + 15/20 % white grapes and 15 % red grapes

– Piedmont: The situation presents a better ripening compared to 2014, but on late compared to the 2015. Despite some hail, there are good prospects, especially thanks to the cold night and the sunny days. It’s expected increasing of the production of the 5% compared to 2015.

– Emilia Romagna: The incoming harvest look good and plentiful, 3-5% more compared to the 2015. However, it has a delay of 10 days compared to 2015. Trebbiano quality and production expected is excellent, about 7500000 quintal of grapes.

– Tuscany: In certain areas, affected by hail, especially in the inner zone of Tuscany, the production will be lower. Speaking at the regional level, is expected a decrease of 3/5 %, but qualitatively speaking it will be a good year, if not excellent.

– Apulia: Harvest of the early qualities just started, thanks to a good climate there were no particular problems as the harvest 2015. Quantitatively speaking there will be a 10% increase in the region.

– Trentino South Tyrol: In the province of Trento, there is a drop in production of 15% in the white varieties because of illness and millerandage. In red varieties, it has expected a production of 10% less compared to the last vintage.  Province of Bolzano also will have less production, from 5 to 10 %, caused from plant protection problems occurred during the growing season. The white grape varieties should maintain the same amount; the biggest problems are in the red grapes.

– Friuli Venezia Giulia: The estimated yield in this region is in line with the production of 2015, except for some red grape, where it records a production decrease of the order of 3/5%.

– Sicily: As usual is the first Italian region to begin the harvest, the early varieties, such as pinot grigo and chardonnay, have already been collected. These varieties already present a production decline. 10 – 15% less is the estimation of Sicily production compared to the 2015 vintage.

– Abruzzo: Already collected the first Chardonnay grapes, the amount looks comparable to the last year, some of them were peronospora affected. Other white grapes maybe will increase in quantity with a good quality. There were few problems for the red grapes; maybe it will cause a small decrease of the production.

– Marche: strong peronospora attacks do not make good prediction of quantities, particularly affected the red grapes.

– France: Problems due to the large amount of ice cream late in the areas Champagne, Burgundy and Loire. The areas of Bordeaux and Languedoc instead will have a harvest comparable to 2015.

Total production is estimated around 44 million hectolitres, representing a decrease of 8% compared to 2015 and a decrease of 4% compared to the average production of the past five years.

– Spain: The harvest will begin 10 days later than the harvest in 2015, expected as a normal harvest, unlike what said in the previous months, trying to preserve the quality at the expense of quantity. Expected production around 41.000.000 / 42.000.000 hectolitres.